-Workshop in RITCS / School of Arts Brussels, for Bachelors students on Theater Technics.

– Reprise of the theater performance ‘Autonomous Scenography’ by Meryam Bayram, sound design.


February – March

-Starts rehearsal for ‘Mockumentary of a contemporary saviour‘ by Wim Vandekeybus and Ultima Vez, in collaboration with IRCAM for the spatialitation of the soundtrack.



-First radio broadcast of the new radio feature ‘Qualia‘, (french version) for RTBF Belgique.

-Premiere ‘ Mockumentary of a contemporary savior‘ in KVS Brussels.



-Palma Ars Acustica 2017, jury member representing RTBF in Viena and, ‘Qualia‘ is in the shortlist for the prize.



-Grand Prix Nova 2017, Bucharest. ‘Qualia‘ in the shortlist.

-Coaching Sound Design for students Docnomads, Joint Master on Documentary Fim Directing,(Erasmus Mundus) during their graduation film process.

-Starts one year artist residency in Berlin, invited by DAAD, Berliner K├╝nstlerprogramm 2017-2018


August 25th

-Concert in the frame of Mikromusik Festival, Daad Gallery Berlin. Creation of a new electroacoustic piece, ‘Not my sorrow‘ and a live electronics collaboration with Camilla Barrat-Due for the piece of Pauline Oliveros, ‘Ear Rings‘. https://www.daadgalerie.de/


September 15th

-Concert in Aussland, Berlin.

-Workshop in Bucharest (18-23/09) ‘Her voice‘, organised by Semisilent , with closing day concert. https://semisilent.ro/


September 29th

Kontakte 17, Biennal for Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art Akademie der K├╝nsten, Berlin; Concert ‘Qualia‘, english version. https://www.adk.de/en/projects/2017/kontakte17/




-Lecture for new launching of Docnomads Master Documentary Film, Brussels.