I hear in my sleep, there is no aural equivalent for the eyelids within my body.

Sound is vibration, energy in movement. Interaction of sounds is always about transmission exchange, reaction or energetic conflict. These interactions trigger in us auxiliary sensations other than the aural – tactile and mental images are induced by particular sounds. Thanks to the technical possibility of recording sounds, keeping them fixed and stored in a medium, my computer, I enjoy treating them as objects.

As a sculptor chisels stone, I shape a sound, often changing its nature, its shape, it’s color. I choose a particular time lapse in it’s travel through time, and I freeze it or make it disappear forever, or repeat it as much as I feel, till I start to hear something else unnoticed before. I can blend many of these objects and make a brand new one, one that never lived before, and then project it into the space by the vibrating speakers.

I work on my material, building structures gradually, moving to and fro between the act of composing and the act of listening, what I am hearing?…. What are you exactly hearing? I communicate with you, I am able to express my inner world and maybe trigger other unexpected mental images and sensations in you, because your body is different from mine. And I treasure this way of gaining my bread, of confronting myself and the world with such an energetic and mysterious interaction. The result of an instant decision, savage and simple, that I took twenty years ago.